inputting raw data into field data

Mark.Palmer at Mark.Palmer at
Mon Sep 13 21:07:52 EDT 1999

Ok, warning, possibly stupid/ignorant questions follow!

I'm trying to use 'financialfield2.tcl' as a sort of template to develop my
procedure for reading in raw data files, but in a slightly different
context. But, 
i have a few conceptual problems with the whole business. Hopefully, someone

will be kind enough to help me out.

I've abstracted out some of the relvant code below.

# Parse an ascii file and manually create a field. Then construct a 
# dataset from the field.
vtkProgrammableDataObjectSource dos
    dos SetExecuteMethod parseFile
proc parseFile {} {

   [dos GetOutput] SetFieldData field

# Create the dataset
vtkDataObjectToDataSetFilter do2ds
    do2ds SetInput [dos GetOutput]

I think i've got a grip on what 95% of parsefile does, but i dont understand
what the

   [dos GetOutput] SetFieldData field
achieves. Could someone make it clearer to me.

I guess once ive got that sorted out, my next question might be more


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