[vtk] RenderWindow and Images

Roland Schwarz roland.schwarz at telecom.at
Mon Sep 13 16:21:30 EDT 1999

Hello Jas,
>Does TPlane.tcl works for you ?
>I do not see the results on the screen..
>it is totally black...
>what do you say ?

I didn't try this as I am not using tcl/tk. I am coding plain C++.
But I can tell you that it is possible to mix 3D objects and 2D
images. But images only work as annotation to objects. So
you *must* have objects for the 2D images to work in the same

The 2D images are displayed by using a vtkActor2D and an vtkImageMapper,
which are connected to a vtkRenderWindow.
However the images are not scaled or rotated as the camera moves.
Simply their origins move with the object.

However I am taking a different route when it comes to display of
2D images:
I extended (subclassed) the vtkWin32OpenGLImageWindow, the vtkImageMapper
and the vtkImager to enable scaled and positioned views of my bitmaps.
(pan and zoom). Moreover the images are displayed using the native
GDI scaling and translating, i.e.: you can draw over the displayed image
using native GDI calls which automagically use the same coordinate
system. This is handy when writing interactive code where you need to draw
tracker rectangles and that like.


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