Successful Rebuilding of vtk.dll causes problems in tcl script example

Ken Martin ken.martin at
Sun Sep 12 10:33:19 EDT 1999

<x-flowed>vtktcl.dll uses vtkdll.dll, rebuilding vtkdll without rebuilding
vtktcl.dll can lead to inconsistencies.

- Ken

At 11:38 PM 9/10/99 -0700, Todd wrote:
>Well, it seems when I rebuild the vtk.dll  (vtktcl.dll still won't compile 
>for me) with the nightly release, it breaks all the .tcl examples.  I 
>thought the tcl scripts used vtkTCL.dll?
>The vtk.dll seems to link no problem (except for the tcl scripts not 
>working).  On the other hand, I get errors about argument # when I try to 
>build vtkctl.dll (see my earlier post).   I seem to be missing some basic 
>info somewhere...
>Thanks for any help.

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