Ken Martin ken.martin at
Sat Sep 11 11:00:32 EDT 1999

<x-flowed>At 05:01 PM 9/10/99 -0500, Gala'Vi and Liss @ Mainframe Country wrote:

>Hello everyone,
>PC Windows users beware! I downloaded vtk about a week ago and found out
>that I got the Chernobyl virus attached to it. Fortunately the virus
>doesn't activate until a specific date, so it didn't wipe my computer out.

I have used two different virus scanners on the vtk2.4 distribution
before and after installation as well as running both on the machine
we use to build & distribute vtk. Everything checked out clean.

Chernobyl affects any .exe run after it has corrupted a system.
Gala'Vi could it your system have been infected by something
else ?  Has anyone else seen this with vtk ?  I used both
Mcafee and AVP and both said everything was clean.

- Ken

>Ken, could you please check the server for the virus? It will not harm a
>UNIX or Linux system but for Windows the results will be disastrous.
>Different strains activate at different times, so you never know when your
>BIOS will be flushed out. You all heard what that sucker does, I'm sure.

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