vtk on digital unix?

Robert Riviere Robert.Riviere at sophia.inria.fr
Mon Sep 6 08:34:22 EDT 1999

Jan, Matt, 
> could anyone compile vtk on
> DEC Unix? any experiences? 

Unfortunately I wasn't able to build vtk with Dec C++ compiler, but 
with g++ it went fine and was able to link with dec libGL

> We have 4D51T's. Haven't actually benchmarked them, but I have a feeling
> that they aren't even as fast as the newer TNT or other new cheap cards.
> Not sure about 4D60T's.

I made a run of our sphere-bench with a 21264/600 and 4D51T and yes, 
it's not lightning fast. Simply honest and doesn't worth its (official)
price, for sure.

It ranks about #25 on our results database. Look for string 'cateyes' 
in :



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