How to use vtk 2.4 + tcl/tk 8.1 on Linux

Kambiz Darabi darabi at
Sat Sep 4 09:10:22 EDT 1999

Some time ago, Phil Bennet wrote:

 > I use vtk2.2 + tcl804 + Win95 + blt2.4h + Visual Tcl, without trouble
 > (except of my own making).
 > All scripts are launched with bltwish24.exe . I've augmented Stewart Allen's
 > Visual Tcl to include the vtkTk... widgets (it already includes blt, tix,
 > and itcl widgetry) -  this reduces my coding error rate for the GUI side of
 > life and in conjunction with Paul Rajlich's pipeline browser provides an
 > efficient design environment.

I would like to use vtk2.4 + tcl/tk 8.1 (better 8.2) and
Visual Tcl together on the Linux platform.

Has anybody suceeded in putting any of these combinations
to work?



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