Tensor data

Victor ALDEA valdea at mrco2.carleton.ca
Thu Sep 2 14:42:53 EDT 1999


	I am trying to visualise an UnstructuredGrid dataset format using Vtk2.4
under Win95. I have no problem doing this as long as the dataset atributes
are "Scalars" or "Vectors". As soon as the file contains the "Tensors"
field (I'm trying to visualise a StressTensor 3x3), the code dumps core. I
have tried the simpliest code (which follow) but with the same result. If I
remove the "Tensors" data, everything is OK. The "tensors" field format
look as presented in "VTK User's Guide" and I did not find an example on
how to visualise tensor data.

	vtkUnstructuredGridReader reader$filename
           reader$filename SetFileName $filename
	vtkDataSetMapper parisonMapper$filename
           parisonMapper$filename SetInput [reader$filename GetOutput]
           parisonMapper$filename ScalarVisibilityOff
    vtkActor Actor$filename    
           Actor$filename SetMapper parisonMapper$filename

           Renderer AddActor Actor$filename

	Can somebody help me with this problem( maybe somebody has an example)?
	Thank you,

Victor ALDEA

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