Fail to compile the nightly release, 8/31/99

Li Gao li at
Wed Sep 1 18:21:26 EDT 1999


I downloaded the nightly release (8/31/99). I failed to compile two files,
vtkStructuredPointsFilter.cxx and vtkWin32MappedInteractor.cxx. The first
one was due to missing vtkFilter.cxx and vtkFilter.h. The second one was due
to the changes in vtkRenderWindowInteractor. I was using vtk2.3 under
MS-Windows and my code was ok. But now, I don't know how to make my code
working since I can't compile and use vtkWin32MappedInteractor. In addition,
I couldn't find the functionalities used to be in the
vtkWin32MappedInteractor any more. Please help. Thanks.


P.S. the makefile generated by pcmaker was executed without error.

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