isosurface to volume(solid model)

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Mon Mar 22 10:23:43 EST 1999

Hello, again:

I would very much appreciate you help!

I generated an isosurface by vtkMarchingCube from a set of CT
slices(human femur), but actualy I need a solid model(volume),
not isosurface.  I remember that someone said if I can generate
a vertical line along the bone, then it is possible to build
a solid molde by lofting in ProEnginer, but I don't know if this
will work, and I don't know how to generate a line along the
isosurface either.  Anyone can give me some help?

if VTK can generate a solid model from isosurface?

Another question is if I use vtkContourFilter to generate slice
contours one by one, how can I save these contours to disk by
certain verctor format, like DXF, etc.

Thanks in advance!


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