terminal input and vtkRenderWindowInteractor

Mark Fardal fardal at weka.phast.umass.edu
Mon Jun 21 13:03:02 EDT 1999


I'm new to VTK.  Here's a question that may be VTK-related or
SGI-related, not sure which.  I'm using a vtkRenderWindowInteractor to
display an isosurface, on an SGI Octane running IRIX 6.4.  I would like
to be able to look at the contour and then change the contour level
interactively.  Tried setting
  iren->SetUserMethod(restartContour, p);
and in method restartContour called
  scanf("%lf", &cvalue);
to read from the terminal whenever "u" is pressed.  The problem is
that there's apparently no way to give keyboard input to my program!
Terminal output works fine, but all calls to scanf or cin return
immediately without reading any data, whether or not the rendering
window has been popped up yet.  Someone told me last week that
whenever OpenGL is called on SGI at least, the terminal window is
frozen out; I haven't verified this myself but it sounds awfully
similar.  Is the behavior different on other platforms?

Java bindings are not working on this machine, and I don't know TCL.
I may have to omit the rendering and just dump to .iv files instead.
Any other ideas for workarounds?

Mark Fardal

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