Dave Porritt dave_porritt at compuserve.com
Mon Jun 21 12:43:22 EDT 1999


I am trying to label a structured grid with celldata scalar values, here is
a snippet :

vtkCellCenters centers
  centers VertexCellsOff
  centers SetInput [extract GetOutput]
  vtkLabeledDataMapper numericMapper
    numericMapper SetInput [centers GetOutput]
    numericMapper SetLabelFormat $realFormatString($realFormat)
    numericMapper SetLabelModeToLabelScalars
    numericMapper SetFontFamilyTo$realFont
    numericMapper SetFontSize $realFontSize
    numericMapper BoldOff
    numericMapper ShadowOn
    numericMapper ItalicOff

  vtkActor2D numericActor
    numericActor SetMapper numericMapper
    [numericActor GetProperty] SetColor 1 1 1

  ren AddActor2D numericActor
  Render .top.window

This seems to work fine, but it has a deliterious and sometimes disasterous
effect on the Tk widgets and can cause the application to crash.

I am on PC using Windows 95, vtk2.3, tcl/tk 8.0.4.

Any ideas?


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