vtk+tcl question..

K. R. Subramanian krs at zappa.uncc.edu
Tue Jun 15 18:08:32 EDT 1999

I have never used the vtk tcl commands, so bear with me..

I built vtk with the tcl commands and everything compiled (on the sgi) - I am using tcl and tk 8.0 .

I see two executables in the tcl subdirectory, "vtk" and "vtktcl". Isnt "vtk" the new shell interpreter
that also contains the vtk command set? Running it without any arguments, I expected a prompt
(just like wish), but it coredumps.  Running any of the examples under wish also causes problems
in loading vtktcl (it is included in my LD_LIBRARY_PATH and LD_LIBRARYN32_PATH).

Would appreciate any assistance.

    -- krs

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