vtkImageHistogram questions

harsh at lanl.gov harsh at lanl.gov
Mon Jun 14 17:18:56 EDT 1999


I am tring to use vtkImageHistogram to look at the distribution of data in a 
vtkStructuredPoints file. It's 3D data. If I am reading the code correctly,
vtkImageHistogram calculates the histogram of a 2D data set, using either
256 or a user supplied number of bin. It then returns the histogram in an
2d image, the size of the original data.

1) is the above correct? if it is is there an easy way to get a histogram of
3D data?

2) My data is 40x50x40 ( or there abouts) I can see a line at 0 but no where
  else. if I magnifiy the data so that is is greater than 256 in the x and y
directions and offset the data so I don't see the large value at zero, I still
don't see anything. I modified the TestImageHistogram.tcl file to read my data
and I still don't see any thing on the output of the histogram.

Jim Harsh  E-Mail: harsh at lanl.gov
Los Alamos National Laboratory, MS P940
Los Alamos, NM 87545
505-665-0485, FAX - 505-665-3359
Date: 14-Jun-99,Time: 13:58:02

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