John Biddiscombe, BCBcxxWizard Makefile generator

Roland Schwarz at
Sat Jun 12 11:21:16 EDT 1999

Hello John,

   It mostly compiles now, this is really fast (about 1CUC on my machine).
Formerly I tried to compile from inside the IDE which did not work. But it
is ok from the command line.

I still have trouble with the imaging files since there are errors due to
includes. eg the vtkImageMapToRGBA.h has been removed by the wizard
but does not appear in vtkImaging.h nor vtk_pch.h, so I am not sure what was
intended by removing the file from vtkImageMapToRGBA.cxx. Please could
you help out?

If I may wish something I would like to see the paths an other stuff stored
in an ini file or registry. (I know the default setting are good enough for
but you have been requesting ;) )

BTW: 1CUC = One Cup Of Coffee

Roland Schwarz

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