How can I unlink a RenderWindow from a VTK widget (was Problems creating VTK objects on the fly)

Daniel Gayo Avello uov02539 at
Sat Dec 25 09:02:32 EST 1999

	Hi, everybody! Yesterday I told yout about a problem with dynamic
creation of vtk objects, I've just realised that I need to create the
vtk objects (mainly the renderer) only once (if I destroy them I will
lose all the information from the renderer, I must be fool)... But, I
have to destroy and create the vtk widgets to reconfigure the interface
layout... The question is:

	If I create a widget in this way

		vtkTkRenderWidget ${layout}.topWidget -rw topWindow

	How can I unlink the window from the widget to safely destroy
it and use the same window in other widget?

	I need this because I have to develop a configurable layout similar to
the 3DS MAX.

	Thanks in advance.


uov02539 at

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