Visualizing Seismic Data

Michael Dennis miked at
Wed Dec 22 10:44:15 EST 1999

Greetings all,

I am investigating using VTK to visualize seismic data.  The biggest
issue that I currently see is the volume of data needed to visualize a
seismic project.  For example I am trying to load a relatively small 3D
Seismic section (in terms of seismic data).  The sections dimensions are
X=100, Y=200, Z=1501.

I am trying to load it as a rectilinear grid.  I can set load the grid
quite easily.  Setting up the scalars, however, poses a different
issue.  This dataset contains 30,020,000 of 16 bit integer samples.
This amounts to approx. 60 MB of memory required to load all the scalars
for the entire dataset.  If I have to load the entire dataset of scalars
it will quickly stress my memory resources.  Is there anyway of paging
scalars for a volume of data in VTK?  Or is there any way so it can load
based upon demand and do some intelligent caching management?  If I was
to write this myself would it even be possible to use for volume
rendering or does volume rendering REQUIRE the entire dataset to be
loaded?  What about VolView, does it load the entire dataset as well?
Remember that this is a *small* 3D seismic section in relation to
typical seismic sections.

Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

KERNEL Technologies Ltd.
Michael Dennis

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