Triangle Strips

Nils Holger Busch nilsb at
Fri Dec 17 11:00:58 EST 1999


can anyone enlighten me how the cell and point structure of a
vtkPolyData triangle strip as output from vtkStripper actually looks
like? I found the description in the book  a little terse.

Specifically, I need to transform the vtk triangle strips into
OpenInventor triangle strips (either SoTriangleStripSet or
SoIndexedTriangleStripSet, depending on the vtk format). Has anyone done
this and is willing to share his code.

I have tried transforming the vtk triangle strips into a
SoTriangleStripSet, but the output has the wrong toplogy ( jagged
triangles connecting separate triangle strips ).


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                                         Nils H. Busch


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