vtkVoxelModeller and vtkStructuredPointsWriter

Miguel Angel Martin Fernandez vtk at helios.tel.uva.es
Fri Dec 17 07:12:08 EST 1999

Hello users,

	I'm trying to write the output of the filter vtkVoxelModeller and
I only obtain 0's. I'm using VTK 2.4 (with VTK 2.0 it worked properly).

The tcl program is basically the next:

vtkSphereSource sphereModel

vtkVoxelModeller voxelModel
  voxelModel SetInput [sphereModel GetOutput]
  voxelModel SetSampleDimensions 21 21 21

vtkStructuredPointsWriter writer
  writer SetFileName prueba.vtk
  writer SetInput [voxelModel GetOutput]
  writer Write

	Do you know what is wrong?

	Thanx in advance.


                     Miguel Ángel Martín Fernández
                          ETSI Telecomunicaion
                       Universidad de Valladolid
                         Campus Miguel Delibes 
                    e-mail: miguel at atenea.tel.uva.es
                      Tfono: 983-423000 ext: 25548

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