creating an image

Tim Hutton T.Hutton at
Thu Dec 16 12:07:18 EST 1999

At 16:32 16/12/99 +0000, you wrote:
>Quick question, how do you create a new image now? I want something very
>similar to the code on p450 of the book, but updated for vtk2.4
>(vtkImageRegion no longer exists). Everything I'm trying makes my code
>crash, presumably because things aren't being allocated properly.
>Here's an example of what I've been trying:
>	vtkImageCache *im = (vtkImageCache*)vtkImageCache::New();
>	im->SetWholeExtent(0,100,0,100,0,0);
>	im->SetUpdateExtent(0,100,0,100,0,0);
>	int x,y;
>	for(x=0;x<100;x++)
>	{
>		for(y=0;y<100;y++)
>		{
>			*(float*)(im->GetData()->GetScalarPointer(x,y,0)) = 0.0F;
>		}
>	}
>	return im;
>Crashes most reliably.

OK :) Even if I use a concrete class (vtkImageSimpleCache) it still
crashes. Any ideas?


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