IUE moving to GE

Tim Hutton T.Hutton at eastman.ucl.ac.uk
Mon Dec 13 05:14:38 EST 1999

I wondered before about the overlap/conflict between IUE and VTK. From what
I've seen, the IUE community is really quiet whereas the vtk lot are as
vibrant and productive as anything. Any juicy gossip from those within GE
about this move? Any plans to merge the two...?

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>Subject: IUE moving to GE
>Dear IUE enthusiasts,
>   After many enjoyable years developing the IUE, Amerinex has decided to 
>pass the reins of the IUE to Joe Mundy's group at General Electric.  Joe 
>has agreed to host the IUE web site, ftp site, and mailing lists.  Amerinex 
>will continue to hosts these services until their replacements at GE are 
>set up.  The new mail and web addresses will be announced at that time.
>   Over 185 individuals have obtained IUE v4 either from our ftp site or by 
>CD-ROM.  I hope this recent interest in the IUE leads to a vibrant user 
>community for many years to come.
>   I personally wish to thank everyone who has helped make the IUE what it 
>is today, especially Joe Mundy, Terry Boult, and the rest of the IUE 
>Technical Committee, the UK-IUE project team, the TargetJr development 
>team, and our four DARPA Program Managers.
>Rick Lerner
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