Cast to abstract, does it exist?

Marcela HERNANDEZ marcela.hernandez at
Mon Dec 13 05:04:08 EST 1999


  I am currently using the following method to extract an arbitrary
cutting plane from a volume:

vtkPlane cutPlane
    cutPlane SetOrigin $xO $yO $zO
    cutPlane SetNormal $xN $yN $zN

  vtkCutter planeCut
    planeCut SetInput [readerSP GetOutput]
    planeCut SetCutFunction cutPlane

My problem is the following:

I would like to apply a filter to the image corresponding to the
extracted plan, but the vtkCutter filter generates vtkPolyData (concrete
type) for output and cannot be connected to a filter, like
vtkImageGradient or vtkImageSobel2D, because these filters require an
abstract type as input (vtkImageCache or vtkStructuredPoints).

Does anybody know how could I recover this image in a vtkImageCache or
vtkStructuredPoints object?

Thanks in advance,


Marcela Hernandez Hoyos
PhD Student - Biological and Medical Engineering
69621 Villeurbanne Cedex (France)
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