closest point via locators

Kenneth Wang kenwang at leland.Stanford.EDU
Sun Dec 12 18:44:52 EST 1999


This is a simple question about cell locators.  I see that vtkOBBTree
is derived from vtkCellLocator, and I was just wondering if vtkOBBTree
is meant to be used with methods and implementations which are
inherited from vtkCellLocator.  In particular, I've been using
vtkCellLocator's FindClosestPoint methods, and I'm now trying this out
with vtkOBBTree, but the FindClosestPoint methods (again,
implementations inherited from vtkCellLocator) use the
vtkCellLocator::Tree member, which is not set by vtkOBBTree during
instantiation / initialization.  In addition, the Tree types don't
seem interchangeable, and of course accesses to vtkCellLocator::Tree
are distinct from vtkOBBTree::Tree anyway.

So, my question is: Are vtkOBBTree's not meant to be used for closest
point calculation?  If that is the case, how do I know in general if
certain inherited methods are invalid for particular derived classes
in vtk?


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