Nightly RPMS available

Daniel J. Blezek, Ph.D. blezek at
Fri Dec 10 11:48:11 EST 1999

Hi all,

  In addition to the nightly source distribution, RPMs for Linux systems
are available at the usual site
<>.  Documentation about the
nightly releases can be found at

The RPMs are:

  -- core vtk libraries

  -- vtk source code

  -- header files for C++ development

  -- TCL libraries and vtk (wish) executable

  -- Python libraries and necessary .py files

  -- Tcl, Python, and C++ examples

  The packages depend on Mesa being installed and are built nightly.  The
release number is the nightly build number, and will increment
accordingly.  The version available today is "test" but will be numeric
starting tonight.


  -- Java and Mesa do not mix, if you would like a java version, please
contact me

  -- default installation path is /usr/local/, this may not be
automatically available in /etc/  If not, add the line
"/usr/local/lib" to the file /etc/ and run ldconfig to properly
index the library search path.

  -- to use vtk-python, set the environment variable PYTHONPATH to
/usr/local/lib/vtk/python before running python

  -- the nightly RPMs are _not_ archived.  If you have a problem, it may
be solved in the next nightly build.

  -- the packages are relocatable

  -- the pacakges do contain the patented code, please see the
documentation for usage constraints

  If you have any problems, suggestions, or just want to say "Hi" please
drop me a line.


Daniel Blezek, Ph.D.
blezek at
Computer Graphics and Systems Program
Electronic Systems Lab
GE Corporate Research & Development

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