Use of vtk w/ C++ stdlib headers.

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Tue Dec 7 23:44:42 EST 1999

Some time ago there were a couple of posts on problems with compiling
with the new standard c++ iostream library headers. Has there been any
action taken on this issue? What is involved to use the new headers? I
have a number of classes I want to use with vtk, specificially I want to
derive from vtkDataSet for a n unstructured grid data structure used for
computational fluid dynamics, specificially compressible viscous and
inviscid gas dynamics. I have been using the STL for some time now and
simply using the old iostream headers (iostream.h, ...) does not seem to
be an option for me since vector, string, etc seem to drag in the
standard headers. I tried to hack the vtk source to use #include
<iostream>,... and added using std::iostream, ... but dont know if this
is correct. Also this is tedious to do for every release of vtk.
Is there any plan in the near future for vtk to move to the standard
iostream library? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

							Boyd Pukalo
							qz3fwd at

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