Will Schroeder will.schroeder at
Fri Dec 3 08:20:37 EST 1999

Hi Miguel-

At 09:47 AM 12/3/99 +0100, Miguel Angel Martin Fernandez wrote:
>I'm using the vtkDecimatePro object and I've run into a problem in
>Windows. When I use it with the headsq example and set Target Reduction in
>a big value and (the most important) put the SetPreserveTopology flag into
>0 value, the result is a memory failure.
>I prove it with a TCL program, with win 95 (vtk 2.3, tcl 8.0, pentium II).
>I get the same problem in a Windows NT station (win NT, Pentium III, vtk
>2.4, and a special image processing chip by Silicon Graphics). But the
>problem never happens with Linux. Any idea? 

You may want to try the nightly release (when the dashboard stabilizes). I believe Bill and Jim mentioned they had fixed a bug related to management of attributes (a memory problem).


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