No OpenGL support in Windows2000 ??

klaatu klaatu at
Thu Dec 2 10:44:56 EST 1999

On Thu, 2 Dec 1999, Will Schroeder wrote:

> Hi Simon-
> A very interesting article, thanks for sending it along.

> Another nail in SGI's coffin, I'm afraid. And, I'm sure Microsoft will
> generate it's usual share of animosity with this.

Actually, I can see SGI becoming much more profitable by tightening its
focus into being very lean and mean, ditching most of its core hardware/OS
business, and specializing on being the Very Best manufacturer of extreme
high-end graphics cards. They've clearly got the personnel and experience
and if they started aggressively courting the sort of government and
research folks who can spend top-dollar on hardware but who prefer the
cost-free Open Source OSen, I think they can carve out a handsome little

> We have talked about adding a Direct3D renderer, it doesn't appear horribly hard to do. But this is definitely a topic that needs discussion.
> Will

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