Cross-section images

Ron Inbar rinbar at
Mon Aug 30 16:00:53 EDT 1999

Hi David!

Just after mailing the original message, I came across your vtkImageReslice
in the man pages.  I saw that it can do what I need, but I had trouble
figuring out exactly how it works.  Namely, I didn't understand how it
determines its OutputExtent.  I connected it to a 512x512x35 volume and got
an output extent of (0 430 0 430 0 270) Could you please explain?  I'd be
most grateful.



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> Hi Ron,
> The vtkImageReslice class in the contrib directory does what you want.
> There is a new example in the nightlies which should provide a
> good starting point:  vtk/contrib/examplesTcl/TextureReslice.tcl (thanks
> to Kenneth Wang for converting it from python to tcl, and Bill Lorenson
> for quality control).
> The example extracts an oblique slice from a volume and texture maps
> it back into the scene; a vtkTransform defines which slice to extract.
> The original TestReslice.tcl example is still kicking around, too.
>  - David

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