using VTK on distribted computing system

Bo YANG boyang at
Sat Aug 28 09:01:42 EDT 1999

Thanks so much for your idea.

I also think that using DDE is a good idea when the workstation is WIN98/NT.
But if the workstation is UNIX workstation, how can I do the data
transmission between the UNIX workstation and PC easily? using FTP? I think
using the file system is not a bad idea. Do you have some advice on this?

And it will be very appreciated if  I can share some class you used to
implement DDE in your VTK program.

Thanks again.

> Hi there,
> Some thoughts about your problem.
> My current use of vtk is similar enough to yours that you might benefit
> from knowing this solution. I had to get data from MATLAB to a vtk
> simulation, however, unlike your sitution, both are running on the
> same computer. But this solution could be extended to yours. To solve the
> problem I used DDE. If your workstation OS uses DDE perhaps you
> could use Net DDE--that is if your workstation uses Win95/98/NT, OS/2 or
> Mac. If you want I can share more about the class I used to implement DDE
> in my vtk program.
> Depending on how important this is to you, even if your application
> doesn't use the (simplistic) IPC mechanism of DDE or Net DDE, you can use
> other libraries to ferry information. I have had good experiences with the
> RogueWave Libraries. Their concept of virtual streams is really
> well implemented. The streams are flexible enough to account for big and
> little endian differences between platforms. The RW libraries also sport
> ASCII and DDE streams!
> Finally if your information is static, have you considered passing it via
> the file system? This is admittedly an ugly solution but well trodden.
> Hope this helps,
> Ben

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