Q: How to use antialiased lines and points with vtk?

Mirco Mueller mirco at pool.informatik.rwth-aachen.de
Fri Aug 20 16:08:56 EDT 1999

Greetings vtk-gurus!

    I wonder how to use the hw-antialiasing features of my
OpenGL-accelerator. There is this method vtkRenderWindow->SetAAFrames(
samples ), but this seems to perform rather software-driven and is
therefore not usable for the needed realtime performance of my app. I
assume that the method vtkRenderWindow->SetMultiSamples( samples ) only
is usable/works with OpenGL-accelerators that have the
GL_MULTISAMPLE_SGIS extension (e.g. RealityEngine2).

    I know that most OpenGL-accelerators have hw-accelerated point- and
line-antialiasing built in (like the used ACCELGalaxy). Within
OpenGL-only apps it is very easy to switch on this feature. But how can
I enable this from within a vtk app?

Thanks in advance for Your time and kind advice!



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