Jump on Rotate in TkInteractor

Daniel G. Downey danmotif at mrco2.carleton.ca
Thu Aug 19 19:09:41 EDT 1999


  I am using the TkInteractor to view some geometry.  It works fine except
that when I try to rotate there is a jump when I first move the mouse and I 
lose my bearings.  If I don't move the cursor from where it was after the
last rotate there is no such problem.  But if I put the mouse somewhere 
else in the window and try to rotate again, again I get the jump.  

In TkInteractor.tcl I see that in rotate there is a 

    set LastX $x
    set LastY $y

Am I supposed to set the current X and Y position somewhere or something?
How do I set it to use the current orientation as a starting point when I 
click the mouse button.  There is a similar problem on zoom and translate
but they are much less annoying.

Thanks for any assistance,
Dan Downey

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