vtkImageReslice, plus general question

Kenneth Wang kenwang at leland.Stanford.EDU
Mon Aug 16 20:13:36 EDT 1999

Hi everyone,

Thanks to David Gobbi for his help with my recent question on texture
maps from probes.  His vtkImageReslice is precisely what I needed.
However, I was wondering if anyone out there has any vtkImageReslice
examples which go beyond those in contrib/examplesTcl/.  In
particular, I'm trying to understand the meaning of OutputOrigin,
OutputExtent and how the extent / positioning of the reslicing volume
is determined.

Currently, I'm able to view vtkImageReslice output in vtkImageViewer
(modulo my lack of understanding about the aforementioned origin and
extent), but what I'm still having trouble with is using this output
as texture for planes in 3D.  While I realize that OpenGL requires
textures to be powers of 2 in each dimension, cropping the textures to
satisfy this requirement still gives unexpected results.  Either the
resliced data which I'm using as a texture was not sampled where I
expected, or the data is somehow incompatible with my texture

Also, on a more general note, I'm interested in hearing about people's
opinions on strategies for learning new vtk modules.  My approach has
been to do all of the following:

  - consult the book
  - consult the user's guide
  - consult the html man pages
  - grep through examplesTcl/ and examplesCxx/
  - experiment with modules directly (i.e. in Tcl)
  - subscribe to vtkusers
  - search the vtkusers archive at NCSA (down for the past several
  - periodically visit the Kitware page for any updates / news
  - and, if all else fails, look at the code

Taken together, this seems to represent a fairly extensive set of
resources.  Even so, I still often find it pretty time-consuming to
learn how to use a new module.  Does anyone have any thoughts /
comments / tips on how they learn and use vtk?

Ken Wang

Kenneth C. Wang			E-mail: kenwang at stanford.edu
Electrical Engineering Dept.	Voice:  (650) 725-0458
Stanford University		Fax:    (650) 725-7731
CIS 214, Stanford, CA 94305	Web:    http://www.stanford.edu/~kenwang

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