Pb using vtkTkRenderWidget

Charles Law charles.law at kitware.com
Mon Aug 16 05:53:16 EDT 1999

<x-flowed>At 05:06 AM 8/16/99 -0400, Anabase at aol.com wrote:

>At the moment my examination of TkInteractor.tcl + WidgetObject.tcl is a
>little bit confusing. I have to continue working understanding what is all
>written in these 2 files.

WidgetObject.tcl is a set of procs that will generate unique names for 
variables based on a widgets name.  For example:  During interaction, the 
x,y position of the mouse can be saved with the commands
   SetWidgetVariableValue $widget X $x
   SetWidgetVariableValue $widget Y $y
the retrieved later with
   set x [GetWidgetVariableValue $widget X]
   set y [GetWidgetVariableValue $widget Y]

This allows more than one vtkTkRenderWidget to be manipulated at once.
Crude but effective.

Basically, TkInteractor.tcl just sets up some bindings
(expose, mouse press/release, enter leave)
to call the appropriate methods,
Render, Pan, Zoom, ...


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