Pb using vtkTkRenderWidget

Anabase at aol.com Anabase at aol.com
Mon Aug 16 05:06:10 EDT 1999

Dear Mr. Dickson ,

I have modified the code as proposed and it works !

After having a look inside TkInteractor.tcl ( + WidgetObject.tcl) and 
vtkInt.tcl, it seems to me that vtkInt.tcl is not really needed for what I 
expect (only to visualize my datafile) but it 's quite useful when sending 
some little commands to change the visualization's aspect.

At the moment my examination of TkInteractor.tcl + WidgetObject.tcl is a 
little bit confusing. I have to continue working understanding what is all 
written in these 2 files. 

I'm open to all comments concerning the inside structure of these 2 files to 
extend my poor knowledge of vtk ( and tcl/tk !)

Thank you all.

Philippe BOH
Anabase Developpement - anabase at aol.com
Cannes - France

PS: To Dr. Jasjit Suri:  the file temp.vtk is an external file containing 
datas organized following the unstructured grid dataset specifications as 
described pp 600 of the 2nd Edition of the Visualization Toolkit. I think 
there is also a link giving these specifications but I'm sorry not to 
remember it.

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