Medical imaging data file format

Sebastien Barre Sebastien.Barre at
Fri Aug 13 18:39:38 EDT 1999

At 14:30 13/08/1999 +0200, FIT wrote:

>How do I convert a standard radiological file format (ACR/NEMA 2.0
>produced by a Siemens Somatotom or ACR/NEMA produced by a Siemens
>Vision) into the file format used by the VTK readers. With quite a bit
>of pain I can get hold of DICOM 3 studies, but as my hospital only
>recently adopted the standard this is quite a bit more difficult.

True :)

I'm using VTK with DICOM files too. I started with ACR/NEMA 2.0 SPI 3 years
ago, and they were no simple and portable ACR to raw converters. I wrote
one (named dicom2), and made it available because many people were looking
for that too. I hope it's useful, it's a small tool, but ok for me.

And there is a section dedicated to its use with VTK (2.0, but should be ok
with 2.3 with little changes or not) :
see : How to : Convert to raw (vtk)

Hope it helps

I've always dreamed (!) to make a vtkDICOMReader, but I'm lacking time, and
my package makes extensive use of the STL (C++ Standard Template Library) :
I heard that VTK has some problems with the STL (although I saw some
interesting discussions about fix some weeks/months ago).

Sebastien Barre        

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