Texture question

John Leung jleung at direct.ca
Thu Aug 12 23:01:14 EDT 1999


I'm having trouble trying to understand how the texture classes are 
supposed to be used.  I've looked at the VTK book, but the example there is 
way too simple to be useful.  Then I recently bought the VTK User's Guide 
hopefully I can get better example, but it doesn't really help much.  I'm 
still quite confused trying to understand how vtkTextureMapTo??? map the 3D 
surface points onto the 2D texture image and then how to put the whole 
thing together.

The "franFace.tcl" example could have been a good example except that all 
the texture coordinates are already part of the fran_cut.vtk file.  So I 
guess my question is could someone show me how to modify the franFace.tcl 
example assuming that we don't have the texture coordinates data in the 
fran_cut.vtk file and have to generate it ourselves?

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