Changing the scalar value of a region

Ron Inbar rinbar at
Thu Aug 12 09:35:38 EDT 1999

> You can use vtkPolyDataConnectivity after the marching-cubes filter
> to select which surface you want.

Due to subsampling the surfaces tend to stick to each other, and I don't
think I can separate them with vtkPolyDataConnectivity.  In the original
images, however, the lungs are supposed to be clearly separated from the
outside of the body.

> There is also the filter vtkImageSeedConnectivity, but unfortunately it
> only works with binary/unsigned-char data.  What you suggest is possible:
> reader
>   |      |
>   |    vtkImageThreshold (threshold higher than iso value)
>   |      |
>   |    vtkImageSeedConnectivity
>   |      |
> vtkImageMask
>         |
> vtkContourFilter
> ...

Thanks, I'll try that!



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