Stepping through vtk code

Roland Schwarz at
Mon Aug 9 10:56:29 EDT 1999

>I am looking for a project workspace for Visual C++ that will
>allow me to step through vtk function calls.
>At the moment I can step through my c++ code, but the ide doesn't find
>the associated source code for the vtk calls.

I have created a little Perl script that converts the vtk project to a
VC++ project. I already posted this to the group. Besides other things
you can compile the library in a way that will enable you to step through
the libraries source code. Please search the archive for
"Conversion to native VC6.00 project".

>I am using Windows NT and Visual C++ 4.0

I have set up the script for VC6.00, but you should be able to adapt
the templates (embodied within the script) to accomodate C++4.0
as well.


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