Michael Feldman mfeldman at
Mon Aug 2 12:53:07 EDT 1999

thank you for your help.  what I am trying to do is create a cube made up
of tiny cubes and then be able to assign each tiny a cube a color.  I
tried to do it with making each cube and defining its color, but
the program crashes with anything greater than 9x9x9 cube.  therefore, I
think I need to make one cube, but I need to be able to define the colors
for parts of the cube.  I have been able to define a color for a side.  Is
it possible to create a cube and then give a coordinate point in the cube
and a color? The purpose of my model is to show a bioerodible device in
action.  I have a fortran program written that returns a 3d matrix with a
state (color) for each point in the matrix.  Thank you very much --


Michael Feldman

mfeldman at
SRC '01

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