[vtk-developers] Python Wrapping fails in master build.

Andras Lasso lasso at queensu.ca
Tue Sep 25 21:37:44 EDT 2018

It is probably worth asking CMake developers about what could be a good approach to address this.

A couple of years ago we had similar problems in CMake compile-tests randomly failing (https://cmake.org/Bug/view.php?id=12957).

Retrying a file operation can have many non-trivial side effects so it should be avoided. As far as I know, there is no such workaround anywhere in CMake, so it should be possible to avoid it in vtkWrapPython, too.


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That sounds like a good idea. It does seem odd that it can't open the output file and the fact that it is not reproducible wrt it being the same file.

Doesn't seem odd, though, if McAffee is marching through the files and temporarily locking each one to scan it.  The collisions between vtkWrapPython and McAffee would be expected to be fairly random in this scenario.

 - David
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