[vtk-developers] Up-to-date vtk-master debs?

Elvis Stansvik elvis.stansvik at orexplore.com
Wed Nov 7 14:48:17 EST 2018

Hi all,

The blog series about the Debian packaging back in July [1] mentioned
that a nightly builds of VTK would be packaged as vtk-master, but the
package currently in the APT repo (https://apt.kitware.com/) seems to
be to be from July 6.

Anyone if nightly builds will become available at some point, or if
the initiative was cancelled?

Would be absolutely fantastic if nightly packages were available, for
testing purposes ahead of releases.


[1] https://blog.kitware.com/rethinking-debian-packaging-for-vtk-and-other-cmake-projects-part-1/

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