[vtk-developers] Valgrind suppressions used by dashboard machines available somewhere?

Elvis Stansvik elvis.stansvik at orexplore.com
Mon Jun 4 12:04:33 EDT 2018

Den mån 4 juni 2018 15:06Shawn Waldon <shawn.waldon at kitware.com> skrev:

> Hi Elvis,
> karego-at hasn't submitted in a while since it doesn't like the OpenGL2
> backend.  We have shut down the dashboard on that one.  duma will be the
> new valgrind dashboard but it isn't set up with its suppression file yet.

Alright, that explains it.

>> E.g. say I'd like to see how e9241a did. Is there somewhere I can see a
>> list of all builds of that revision? The builds in the dashboard have a
>> Revision column with a clickable link for e9241a, but it brings you to that
>> specific build, not an overview for that revision.
> Try something like
> https://open.cdash.org/index.php?compare1=61&filtercount=1&field1=revision&project=VTK&showfilters=0&limit=100&value1=e9241a17fbf4164a044a9dc45aa24b7af86ba753&showfeed=0
> I'm not sure all the query parameters are needed, but that is what we have
> the buildbot set up to give for links to a specific commit's builds (the
> buildbot web interface is internal to Kitware).

Thanks for this snippet. Will come in handy for our own internal CDash too.


> HTH,
> Shawn
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