[vtk-developers] Valgrind suppressions used by dashboard machines available somewhere?

Shawn Waldon shawn.waldon at kitware.com
Mon Jun 4 09:06:22 EDT 2018

Hi Elvis,

karego-at hasn't submitted in a while since it doesn't like the OpenGL2
backend.  We have shut down the dashboard on that one.  duma will be the
new valgrind dashboard but it isn't set up with its suppression file yet.

> E.g. say I'd like to see how e9241a did. Is there somewhere I can see a
> list of all builds of that revision? The builds in the dashboard have a
> Revision column with a clickable link for e9241a, but it brings you to that
> specific build, not an overview for that revision.
Try something like

I'm not sure all the query parameters are needed, but that is what we have
the buildbot set up to give for links to a specific commit's builds (the
buildbot web interface is internal to Kitware).

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