[vtk-developers] Missing `TestPStreamAMR.png`

Utkarsh Ayachit utkarsh.ayachit at kitware.com
Mon Jan 16 14:13:01 EST 2017


I am getting this warning message from CMake after update ParaView to
use a more recent VTK. Any ideas (before I look deeper)?

 CMake Warning (dev) at VTK/CMake/ExternalData.cmake:674 (message):
   Data file referenced by argument

   corresponds to source tree path


   that does not exist as a file (with or without an extension)!
 Call Stack (most recent call first):
   VTK/CMake/ExternalData.cmake:485 (_ExternalData_arg)
   VTK/CMake/ExternalData.cmake:340 (ExternalData_expand_arguments)
   VTK/CMake/vtkTestingMacros.cmake:175 (ExternalData_add_test)
   VTK/Filters/ParallelFlowPaths/Testing/Cxx/CMakeLists.txt:8 (vtk_add_test_mpi)
 This warning is for project developers.  Use -Wno-dev to suppress it.


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