[vtk-developers] Bug Tracker: How to deal with issues closed in error?

Peter Mattern pmattern at arcor.de
Wed Jul 27 10:20:18 EDT 2016

Hi Dan.

Thanks for your quick response!

I was aware that you're using "in-tree" copies of a lot of dependencies. 
And note I'm assuming you're doing this for a reason so I certainly 
don't criticise.
It's just that as an old Linuxer I think using system libraries wherever 
feasible is basically the better solution...

ad 14126
The problem is that CMake just doesn't find the system-wide PROJ.4 
instance and hence fails
> [...]
> -- Found TIFF: /usr/lib64/libtiff.so (found version "4.0.6")
> CMake Error at CMake/vtkModuleMacros.cmake:864 (message):
>   VTK_USE_SYSTEM_LIBPROJ4 is ON but LIBPROJ4 is not found!
> Call Stack (most recent call first):
>   ThirdParty/libproj4/CMakeLists.txt:1 (vtk_module_third_party)
> -- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
The findings are the very same compiling VTK commit ddcd09c on Arch 
Linux, Debian testing (stretch) and Fedora 24 using either PROJ.4 4.9.2 
as provided by those distributions or PROJ.4 commit 06a708d compiled on 
the respective system.
The PROJ.4 commit was compiled either by running autogen, configure 
[--prefix=/usr], make and make install or cmake 
-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr, make and make install as compiling yields 
slightly different results right now, see 
https://github.com/OSGeo/proj.4/issues/378, but this didn't make a 
difference regarding VTK.

ad 15549
I've added a comment describing the current situation but don't seem to 
be able to change field "Status", maybe as I didn't open the issue?

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