[vtk-developers] Disable ScalarBar move and resize interaction

Romain CENDRE romain.cendre at optopartner.com
Mon Dec 19 05:45:13 EST 2016

Hi again, 
I'm using ScalarBar to add a LUT feedback to users, with ScalarBar Widget and ScalarBarRepresentation to customize his position. 
OK, it work! 

But now I would like to disable Drag/Move and Resize of the widget: 
I try to use this lines: 

m_scalarRepresentation->MovingOff (); 

But none of them work in my situation. The only way was to call: m_scalarWidget->ProcessEventsOff(); 
And I'm affraid that all user interaction don't be catch by my callback now. 

Can you give me the best way to proceed ? 
Best regards 

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