[vtk-developers] Problems installing VTK

CSharpdotcom . csharpdotcom at gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 12:33:40 EDT 2015


I'm new to VTK and this is my first posting here or on any other forum
related to VTK.

I've been trying for about a week to get VTK installed and running on
my computer.  The project I'm working on is to use Java with VTK to
represent 3D graphics, which I hope to use with NetBeans 8.0.2.  I
also have Visual Studio Pro 2010.

After failed attempts in installing VTK  6.2.0 and the latest version
of CMake, from the link
I downloaded and unzipped VTK 6.1.0 and CMake 3.0.0, then installed

I then ran CMake according to the instructions on that link and
installed the generated code in the folder C:\VTK.  I then clicked on
the file VTK.sin in that folder, which opened up Visual Studio and
started compiling the code with a large number of modules in the
project.  This took about an hour, and on completion, generated the
line at the end:

Build: 387 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped

I saved this in a file, which is very long, and after some effort
found the error message:

112>C:\VTK\bin\Release\vtkRenderingCoreJava.dll : fatal error LNK1120:
1 unresolved externals

In the mean time I attempted to recompile the project, which was much
quicker, and got the same message.  In  recompiled I checked the
"INSTALL" option, which had not previously been checked, although I
don't know if that is significant.

Located in the folder \VTK\java\sample\rendering is the source file
AwTConeRendering.java, which apparently has not been compiled.  I
created a NetBeans project and copied that file into it, then linked
vtk.jar in the folder \VTK\bin to the project, and all imports were
satisfied.  In setting the Windows path to point to the dll files in
\VTK\bin\Release, the application appears to pick up the dll files
correctly, however, I get the following error message:

C:\VTK\bin\Release\vtkChartsCoreJava.dll: Can't find dependent

repeated for many dll files.  Incidentally, as Visual Studio dlls are
all 32 bits, as far as I know, I set up NetBeans to use a 32 bit JVM.
This had previously been tested successfully with a test dll I created
with Visual Studio and could execute with NetBeans.

This problem is presumably related to the first error mentioned above,
and would be most grateful in getting this issue resolved.  As I said,
I'm new to VTK, and in fact only in the last couple of weeks have
tried for the first time to call a dll file from a Java application on
a Windows computer.

In the Java code I added the statement:


to check that the path was correct, which is the case.

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