[vtk-developers] Tcl wrapping and output array arguments

David Lonie david.lonie at kitware.com
Thu Mar 19 16:28:56 EDT 2015

I'm working on a branch that will deprecate the:

double* GetBounds(); and
void GetBounds(double[6])

signatures in vtkAbstractMapper3d and vtkProp to favor a new

bool GetBounds(vtkRenderer *, double[6])

signature, as we're looking to add DPI dependence to some mappers/actors.

However, some of the old Tcl tests relied on the 'double* GetBounds()'
signature, and the new one isn't getting wrapped.

My questions:

1) Is the concept of an "output array argument" even supported by Tcl?
2) If so, how can I teach the wrappers about it?
3) If not, is there some way to add a suitable implementation to Tcl, but
not C++?

And perhaps the most curious question from my point of view,

4) Why do we still provide Tcl bindings in 2015?


But seriously, can we deprecate them for 6.3?

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