[vtk-developers] Cherry picking

Brad King brad.king at kitware.com
Tue Mar 17 15:08:23 EDT 2015

On 03/17/2015 03:05 PM, Ben Boeckel wrote:
> For the pull-request-style workflow, I usually add other developers'
> forks as a remote and then fetch it:
>     $ git remote add gl/$username https://gitlab.kitware.com/$username/$project.git
>     $ git fetch gl/$username
>     $ git log -p master..gl/$username/$branch       # view changes


>     $ git cherry-pick master..gl/$username/$branch  # apply changes

You could also just create a temporary branch to merge the topic
you're reviewing:

 $ git checkout -b try-theirs
 $ git merge gl/$username/$branch
 (test it)
 $ git checkout -
 (should switch back to where you were)
 $ git branch -D try-theirs


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