[vtk-developers] Adding support for a macro in wrapper

Ben Boeckel ben.boeckel at kitware.com
Wed Mar 11 14:49:27 EDT 2015

On Wed, Mar 11, 2015 at 14:27:43 -0400, David Lonie wrote:
> I'm in the process of deprecating
> virtual double* vtkProp::GetBounds();
> to favor a new signature
> virtual bool vtkProp::GetBounds(vtkViewport *, double[6]);
> This is a major change that touches a lot of classes, plus it introduces an
> overloaded signature to a virtual. This means that every subclass of
> vtkProp that implements GetBounds will need to define the deprecated
> signature so that it won't be hidden in legacy applications.

The solution is to do:

    using SuperClass::GetBounds;

where GetBounds is reimplemented to "import" the subclass' overloads not
reimplemented here.


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