[vtk-developers] Adding support for a macro in wrapper

David Lonie david.lonie at kitware.com
Wed Mar 11 14:27:43 EDT 2015

Hi folks,

How difficult is it to add support for a macro, similar to vtkTypeMacro, to
the wrappers? Is this documented somewhere, or can someone give me a quick

Some background:

I'm in the process of deprecating

virtual double* vtkProp::GetBounds();

to favor a new signature

virtual bool vtkProp::GetBounds(vtkViewport *, double[6]);

This is a major change that touches a lot of classes, plus it introduces an
overloaded signature to a virtual. This means that every subclass of
vtkProp that implements GetBounds will need to define the deprecated
signature so that it won't be hidden in legacy applications.

Since this change affects a *lot* of code, I want to add a default
implementation to a macro that forwards the call, sets up the deprecation
flags, and implements the runtime warning. This approach is working so far,
except that the wrappers don't know how to handle my macro.

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